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Phil Dzikiy and Kevin Purdy get reasonable about ridiculous topics, and vice-versa. Recorded over a wire from Buffalo, NY to metro-NYC.
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A podcast discussion between Phil Dzikiy and Kevin Purdy about sundry topics.

Mar 3, 2017

Originally published Dec. 8, 2011

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On this episode: Don Burtless of Buffalo Eats joins Phil & Kevin to talk about food. More specifically, food blogging, writing food reviews in a small town, finding your critical voice apart from the larger publications and experts, portion sizes, whether to include a numeric “rating” or not, and Phil’s problem with macarons/macaroons.

Got a favorite food blog, or a link that sums up your thoughts on what food criticism, on any level, should really do? Send it over on Twitter or Facebook.

Show notes and links:

Best Thing on the Internet This Week

Feb 24, 2017

On this episode: Phil & Kevin talk holiday movies, and whether we’ll ever get another movie year like 1999, or even 1939. Then they literally talk turkey, and holiday food in general, and deliver their Best Things on the Internet This Week. Happy Thanksgiving!

(Also: Feel free to tell us your stories about how terrible New Year’s Eve can be. Tweet at @InPodForm or comment on our Facebook page)

Show notes and links:

Best Thing on the Internet This Week

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Feb 14, 2017

Originally published Nov. 10, 2011

On this episode: Phil & Kevin trade stories about the worst comments they’ve ever received—on articles about 80’s boy bands and kitchen organizing, of course—and how the first generation to know all the facts about professional sports and mental health has quite a few serious decisions to make. Also: Danzig.

Show notes and links:

Best Thing on the Internet This Week


Feb 13, 2017

Originally posted Nov. 4, 2011.

On this episode: Netflix/Hulu/Amazon video and how it fits into our homes, why (most) sports refuse to enter the web/app age, defending the captains of the streaming video industry, and (dun dun DUN) the inescapable, under-reported awful/awkwardness (awkfulness?) of middle school.

Show notes and links:

Best Thing on the Internet This Week


Feb 12, 2017

Note: Our old episodes are hard to find now, after a lot of changes to Tumblr, Feedburner, our former network, and Yahoo Pipes (seriously!). Through the magic of the Internet Archive, however, we can start re-publishing these now, so they exist somewhere. Apologies for occasionally rough audio; we learned a lot since then.

Originally posted Oct. 28, 2011

Phil & Kevin introduce themselves, then discuss the insane performance art of actually buying a whole album on CD, why was amazing for two weeks, and whether video game reviews can actually be trusted once you’re over a certain age.

Show notes and links:

Best Thing on the Internet This Week

  • Phil: Men in Blazers (Premier League Soccer podcast):

  • Kevin: Storify (social media archiving/storytelling tool)


Sep 5, 2016

Phil and Kevin talk about theme parks, amusement parks, and their love of stimulating lines and air conditioning. Then they talk about Gawker and how it's totally gone now, and why that matters and does not matter and both at the same time. And then they talk about The Tragically Hip's last concert which, yeesh, tears and appreciation. The whole thing has a surprising number of feels and insights.

All the links are at:

Theme Parks

Gawker Dot Gone

The Tragically Hip, Man ... Geez.


Jul 20, 2016

Phil & Kevin run the gamut: Pokemon Go, golf as an Olympic sport, their lists of Top 10 Beck Songs, and why 1960s vocal groups seemed to add imaginary members to their number.


Shirseys - It's a T-Shirt. It's a Jersey. IT'S A SHIRSEY.

Weather weenies prefer dew point over relative humidity, and you should too! - The Washington Post

Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons Fun Facts

John Beard

Pokemon Go

Small Batch: The Rise Of (And Backlash Against) Pokemon GO : Monkey See : NPR

Seth Pollack on Twitter: "I found my GET OFF MY LAWN hero."

Wish Pokémon Go were better? Welcome to Ingress | Polygon

Play Pokemon Pinball online at playR!

The Rise of Confused Travolta - The Imgur Blog

The Olympics! Golf should not be a sport in them

Brazil’s Olympic Catastrophe - The New York Times

Rio reminder: Every Olympics seems like a disaster before it happens | FOX Sports

Olympic sports - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Golf doesn't need the Olympics, and the Olympics sure don't need golf | Sport | The Guardian

Lay Off the Dressage Attacks on Mitt and Ann Romney’s Horse Rafalca - The Daily Beast

Jeu de paume - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Basque pelota - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tug of War - As a sport

U.S. Futsal - Governing Body since 1981

Top 10 Beck Songs

(Most of the links are YouTube)


  1. I'll Be Your Mirror
  2. Deadweight
  3. Go It Alone
  4. Guess I'm Doing Fine
  5. High Five
  6. Asshole
  7. It's All in Your Mind
  8. Jackass sample
  9. Pay No Mind
  10. Nobody's Fault But My Own


  1. Think I'm In Love
  2. Wow
  3. Devil's Haircut sample
  4. Tropicalia
  5. Debra
  6. Girl
  7. Jackass
  8. Sexx Laws
  9. Loser
  10. Where It's At


Jun 28, 2016
Jun 6, 2016

Episode 41: We're Gonna Have a Hill Downtown!

Kevin wrote a thing about his year in review, and it involves a mid-life crisis, wondering what you're good at, trying to work without expecting fame. Phil knows a thing or two about that.


Show notes:

Twitter: @phildzikiy @kevinpurdy @inpodform


Phil Dunks on Kevin's Mid-Life Crisis

Best Thing on the Internet This Week


A Renegade Muscles In on Mister Softee's Turf - The New York Times


Day of the Dead (Spotify album)


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