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Phil Dzikiy and Kevin Purdy get reasonable about ridiculous topics, and vice-versa. Recorded over a wire from Buffalo, NY to metro-NYC.
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A podcast discussion between Phil Dzikiy and Kevin Purdy about sundry topics.

Jun 6, 2016

Episode 41: We're Gonna Have a Hill Downtown!

Kevin wrote a thing about his year in review, and it involves a mid-life crisis, wondering what you're good at, trying to work without expecting fame. Phil knows a thing or two about that.


Show notes:

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Phil Dunks on Kevin's Mid-Life Crisis

Best Thing on the Internet This Week


A Renegade Muscles In on Mister Softee's Turf - The New York Times


Day of the Dead (Spotify album)


May 18, 2016

Episode 40: The New Wireless Transmission Enthusiast Album



Phil and Kevin talk to each other and record it, for the the first time since February 2014. The men were slightly rusty. The Skype connection was if-y at first but got better (next time, we'll dual-record). Kevin's dog was a bit prance-y. Phil's son couldn't find Batman. But there were things to be discussed. Like the new Radiohead album! And HeroQuest! And everything that happened since the last episode. EVERYTHING.

Intro: Two men on Skype in New York State

Phil does not buy CDs anymore?

Radiohead! Album!

Best Thing on the Internet This Week


Thomas Lennon and Chris Gethard Talk Morrissey | The Chris Gethard Show


Why Heroquest is so Great (with thanks to Tim Barribeau). (The game itself)